Zenit - Hungarian courier company

The Zenit delivery company undertakes parcel delivery in Hungary and abroad with immediate start. If you would like to send quickly an important package to Budapest or elsewhere in Hungary, please contact us now and we're going right away.

Q: What things can be delivered with Zenit Delivery Company?
A: Anything that can fit in a passenger car and can be transported safely.

Q: How long does the delivery take?
A: When we receive an order, one of our courier collegaues will start immediately, and he delivers the parcel directly to the recipient.

Q: How much will the delivery cost?
A: We have cheap prices, you'll save a lot of money if you choose us. Please send an email and we' answer ASAP.

Each of these cities can be accomplished by our couriers in less than a day, even also on weekends!

For more information, prices and any other details please contact us on info(AT)zenitfutar(DOT)hu.

We have 3.5 ton van, if you would like to transport with a bigger vehicle!

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